Way back in the 1990s, when the internet was new and I was a fan of the TV show Law & Order, I began writing fan fiction starring Assistant District Attorneys Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid, who were rumored by the shows producer to be having an affair. Known for following the cases rather than the personal lives of the main characters, the relationship was hinted at during the show, played that way by the actors, but never truly acknowledged. Fertile ground for fan with a vivid imagination. 

I penned a series of erotic stories starring Jack & Claire, characters inhabited on the show by dashing Sam Waterston and the delectable Jill Hennessy that were hosted on Geocities under the name "LoPagan's Fic Funhouse"
. Thanks to the internet "Wayback Machine", I've been able to resurrect most of what was originally online.

These are those stories.  


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